Damned by Desire

FF, bd, reluc, nc.  This story, which is obviously fictional, portrays
nonconsensual and consensual sex between women.  If it's likely to offend
you, don't read it.


     Julie Weston raised her head and began placing her notebook and Bible
neatly into her backpack.  "Do you want to walk back together?" she asked
Carrie, a pale girl who lived in her dorm.  It had been she who first
introduced Carrie to Thursday night Bible studies at the student union, and
Julie was secretly proud of this.

     "No thanks," Carrie smiled. "I have to go to the library."

     "See you later then." Julie politely said goodbye to Ryan, the study
leader, and to the others in the small group.

     It was early evening, but the air outside was chilly already.  A cold
breeze skidded leaves along the sidewalk and tangled Julie's skirt around
her ankles.  Autumn darkness seemed subtly more threatening than the warm
summer nights so recently past.  She quickened her pace. *I'm so glad
Father didn't send me to a secular college,* Julie thought.  *I would
hardly be safe walking home at night.* Her father, the
nationally-influential televangelist Chris Weston, had never even
entertained the idea of sending his only daughter to a non-Christian
college, and Julie's mother had followed his lead in this as in all other

     Julie reached the only traffic light on campus.  Now she could see the
welcoming yellow lights of her goal, the freshman women's dorm, through
bare branches.  Although the only cars in sight were parked, she stopped to
wait for the walk signal.

     "Julie Weston?"

     Julie turned, startled.  She hadn't heard the girl approach.  "Yes,"
she replied, puzzled.  She didn't recognize the other girl, unusually
because Valley College was so small.

     "I'm Samantha.  I'm so glad to meet you."  The blonde girl came
closer.  She looked like a college student; the light of the streetlamp
illuminated her jeans and backpack.  "I've heard so much about your

     Julie relaxed at the mention of her father.  She was used to his fans
talking to her.  Samantha took her arm and walked up the sidewalk.  Julie
walked with her a little ways, then stopped.  "Look, I have to cross the
street to get to my dorm.  We can talk there."

     "No, I'm afraid you're coming with us."  Samantha's grip tightened as
the parked car next to them turned on, the engine noise breaking the
evening stillness.  Too suddenly for Julie to scream, the other girl shoved
her into the back seat.  Julie scratched and kicked as Samantha followed
her in and slammed the door.  Another woman sat between Julie and the
opposite door, laughing.  She grabbed Julie's wrists with painful force.

     The car sped away from the kerb.  Julie, unprepared for the
acceleration, was thrown back against the seat, giving Samantha the
opportunity to blindfold her.  Julie's neat brunette ponytail was in the
way of tying the blindfold, so Samantha roughly yanked out the hairtie.

    "Help!" Julie screamed.

     The laughing woman only laughed harder.  "Silly girl.  Do you really
think anyone will hear you in a moving car?"

     "Please let me go" Julie squeaked.  "My father has plenty of money.
I'm sure he'd pay a ransom."  No answer.  One of her kidnappers bound her
wrists, but neither they nor the unseen driver spoke despite her
increasingly frantic pleas and sobs.

     Shuttered in darkness, Julie had no idea how much time had passed or
where they might be taking her.  Eventually, her voice faded to a rasp and
even her tears were exhausted.  Her head felt hot, and her pulse beat
painfully against the blindfold at her temples.  Sometime after that, the
car stopped.  Julie's captors dragged her out of the car and hauled on her
bound arms until she was forced to stumble between them.  She tried again
to scream, but all that came out was a croak and a painful hiss.  A heavy
door opened and shut as they entered a building.  They took several turns
and walked through another door that thunked shut behind them with solid

     Removing the rope and blindfold, Samantha and her accomplice left
Julie curled up on the floor and locked her in.  "Oh God, please help me,
oh God please please," she mouthed over and over again until she fell into
an exhausted sleep.

     When she woke up, Julie was dismayed to see her abduction had not been
a dream.  Her head felt better, but she was stiff from sleeping on the
floor.  *How long have I been here?  Has anyone noticed yet that I'm gone?*
Surely the house mother would notice she'd broken curfew.  Sitting up,
Julie looked around for the first time.  The windowless room was slightly
larger than her dorm room and unrelentingly white.  Dominating the centre
of the room was a bed.  It was bolted to the floor, and Julie shuddered as
she saw the buckles and straps dangling from it.  Further inspection of the
room revealed a toilet and sink in the corner and a slot in the door far
too small for her to squeeze through.  The floor was low-pile white carpet.
Otherwise the room was featureless.  Even the door lacked a handle or
hinges on the inside.  The toilet seat was plastic--too light to make a
suitable weapon.

     Julie peed, then washed her face and hands at the sink.  The bar soap
was white, like everything else in the room.  Her hair was tangled, but she
had nothing to brush it with.  Without her backpack, she had nothing but
her clothes; her skirt had no pockets.  The dark green skirt, brown flat
shoes, and brown sweater that matched her eyes were the only spots of color
in the room.

     The silence was oppressive.  Julie tried her voice again; it was
better, but her weak cry of "Help" didn't even echo in her prison.  She
couldn't imagine it reaching the outside world, so she gave up the effort
and sat staring at her toes, trying not to think of anything.

     A click from the door shattered her trance and sent her heart racing.
Samantha came in first, but Julie's attention immediately riveted on the
unfamiliar woman who followed her.  The woman's eyes were dark, intense.
The sleeves of her black buttondown shirt were rolled up to reveal muscular
forearms and long-fingered hands.  Her black slacks emphasized her slender
height.  This, Julie knew from her walk, was the person responsible for her

     Julie jumped to her feet, slightly lightheaded.  She didn't stay
standing for long.  Samantha strode over and pushed her firmly back onto
the bed.  Julie was in no state to resist--besides, she was afraid they
would hurt her.  She heard the slow, calm footsteps of the woman in black
approaching.  A smile curved the woman's mouth as she thoroughly examined
the prone girl.

     "Hello, Julie," she said at last.  "You're no doubt wondering what
will happen to you.  All will be explained soon."  To Samantha, she said
"Secure her and finish setting up."

     Samantha wrestled Julie into the bed's restraints with surprising
strength.  The heavy straps and cuffs held Julie's limbs stretched in an X.
She heard Samantha go out, leaving her alone with the dark woman.  After a
few tense moments, the lights in the room got brighter and Samantha
returned pushing a heavy cart.  Julie craned her neck to see; the cart held
a large, professional video camera, various microphones, and a black wooden
box.  Samantha fiddled around with the equipment.  A green light soon
indicated the camera was recording, trained on the prisoner and the
black-clad woman.

     "Julie," the woman began, stroking the bound girl's cheek.  "There
isn't going to be any ransom.  No--don't interrupt.  I have another purpose
in mind for you.  I'm going to use you to hurt your father.  One of that
hypocrite's fanatic followers murdered my lover, and I plan to avenge her
by taking away someone *he* cares about."

     "You're going to k-kill me?" Julie stuttered.

     "No; that would just make you a martyr.  A virgin sacrifice.  No,
instead I will corrupt you.  You will become a lesbian sex slave.  Best of
all, I will enslave you with the power of your own desires alone--no drugs
or pain needed to make you beg to be degraded.  Even forewarned, you can't
resist.  I can tell already you are weak-minded and accustomed to
obedience."  She gestured towards the camera.  "Everything will be filmed.
Your father will get a copy of each installment, and so will the major news
networks and some of my friends."

     The woman retrieved the black box from the cart.  "You may address me
as ma'am or Mistress Carol, but it won't do you any good."  Mistress Carol
removed Julie's shoes and socks, then took a pair of bandage scissors from
the box and began to methodically cut Julie's long skirt open from hem to
waist.  Next came the whimpering girl's sweater.  "Ah, how adorable, white
cotton bra and panties."  Cold metal slid against skin as the last remnants
of clothing were snipped away.  "Smile for the camera," Mistress Carol
cooed.  Julie squeezed her eyes shut.

     They popped open again at the touch of a hand on her thigh.  "The
first stage in your training starts now," Mistress Carol told her.  "I'm
sure you're a virgin.  Probably too goody-two-shoes to even touch yourself.
But I can make you orgasm despite yourself, and I will.  Once every day you
will come for me until I decide differently."

     "Please no," Julie shook her head.

     "Yes," Mistress Carol breathed.  "It's an added benefit you're so
lovely--nice slender thighs and perky pink nipples.  I'll get more out of
this than pure revenge."  Out of the box came a plastic wand with a dial on
the end.  Julie didn't recognise it.  Mistress Carol turned the dial and
set the vibrator buzzing.  She flourished it a moment, then without warning
placed it between the girl's legs.  With her ankles bound to the bed,
Julie's clit was unprotected.  Her body jerked at the unfamiliar stimulus,
and she strained futilely at the straps.  Unable to close her legs against
the instrument, she clenched her buttocks and writhed desperately.

     A strange sensation grew in Julie's belly and groin.  Mistress Carol
panted slightly through parted lips, watching Julie struggle.  She swirled
the vibrator over and around her victim's clit as juices started to trickle
from the girl's cunt.  Samantha zoomed in for a closeup of the pink,
swollen flesh.  When she zoomed out again for a wider shot, Mistress Carol
turned up the vibrator's speed.  Julie's entire body stiffened.  "Oh!" Her
eyes flew wide open in astonishment at the pleasure as she came for the
first time, spasming wildly.  She burst into humiliated tears.  Mistress
Carol and Samantha turned and left without a word, taking the equipment
with them and leaving Julie naked and exposed on the bed.

     A half hour or so later, Samantha returned to unstrap Julie and bring
her some clothes.  Julie was relieved to find cotton underclothes and a
modest skirt and blouse.  Even clothed, she couldn't look at Samantha after
what she know the other girl had witnessed.  "How could you, " she choked
as Samantha handed her a sandwich and turned to go.

     "You'll know soon enough."  Samantha left her contemplating her cheese
and tomato sandwich without appetite.

     Time seemed to trickle past.  Julie forced herself to eat the sandwich
before it got soggy.  After an interminable interval, another meal arrived
through the slot in the door--a ham sandwich and a tiny juice carton.
Julie slept, paced the room, slept, and tried not to think about what had
happened.  What would happen.  She prayed for rescue; none appeared.  *How
long have I been here?* The lights were no longer super-bright as they had
been while the camera was rolling, but the room was still lit, apparently
permanently.  Julie couldn't find a switch or reach the fluorescent panels
in the ceiling.  Singing hymns to herself made her feel even more alone, so
she stopped.  Another sandwich arrived--egg salad.

     Tension twisted Julie's stomach, but she ate anyways.  Unable to tell
if her meals were arriving at regular intervals, she suspected Mistress
Carol would soon return.  *"Once every day," she said.  She'll be back
to--* Julie bit her knuckle to cut off the thought.  Her ears probed at the
silence.  *Was that a sound?  No, concentrate on something else.* The
harder she tried to divert her thoughts, the more her mind returned like a
compass needle to Mistress Carol's threat.  *A sex slave!  But I have
always kept myself pure.  She can't really force me to beg for it.  Can
she?  It's an abomination.* Her loins twinged.  *I couldn't stand it.  It
was horrible!  I've never felt anything like that before.*

     By the time Mistress Carol and Samantha returned, Julie had bitten all
of her previously neat nails ragged.  Again, she was no match for
Samantha's wiry strength.  The other girl soon cornered her and propelled
her back onto the bed.

     "Did you miss me?"  Mistress Carol set up the audiovisual equipment as
Samantha efficiently removed Julie's panties and buckled her to the bed.
Mistress Carol rolled Julie's skirt up around her waist.  "Did you enjoy
your first day as a slut in training, Julie?  Your father should have his
video of your first performance by now, my little porn star."
     Julie blushed.  "Please, I'm sure if you reconsider you could get
plenty of money in rans--" Julie's plea was cut short by the buzz of the
toy against her clit.  She shrank back and bucked her hips wildly, but
Mistress Carol held the device tightly against her.  Despite herself, Julie
could feel her clit swelling.  Biting her lip distracted her only
momentarily.  Sweat broke out on the small of her back, and wetness seeped
between her thighs and buttocks.  Inexorably, the pressure grew until her
body was again jolted with that heartstopping sensation.  *Oh God, no.*
Julie's fingers clenched into white-knuckled fists as her muscles spasmed
over and over, joyfully betraying her.

     "Good girl," said Mistress Carol as she wiped off the now-quiescent
vibrator.  "Samantha will get you cleaned up."  Samantha marched Julie
across the hall to shower and made sure she washed herself before returning
her to her cell.

     Julie tried to count, but she lost track of the days.  They became a
blur of monotonous dread punctuated only by sessions with Mistress Carol.
Julie found herself obsessively fascinated with what Mistress Carol was
doing to her, unable to distract her mind and body between the woman's

     Then the set routine changed.  Mistress Carol and her assistant began
as usual.  Mistress Carol swirled the vibrator around Julie's engorged
clit.  The bound girl knew she would come soon; she could feel her pulse
between legs slick with her own juices.  Abruptly, Mistress Carol turned
off the toy and packed up, leaving without a word.  Samantha led Julie to
the shower as usual.  Her knees felt unsteady, and each step brushed her
swollen clit against her inner thighs.

     Alone in her cell again, she wondered.  *Was it a mistake?  Is she
finally losing interest?  Maybe she'll let me go.* Her aroused body made
even momentary distraction from her sexual subjugation impossible.  By the
time Mistress Carol arrived for the next day's session, Julie's body had
returned to its normal state.  The session went as usual, too, forcing the
girl to orgasm before finishing.

     Julie's hopes of Mistress Carol having lost interest were dashed.
*Yesterday must have been a mistake,* she concluded.  The next session
proved her wrong.  With a faint smile, Mistress Carol brought her right to
the edge of climax, removed the toy for a few minutes, did it again, and
left.  Julie was still gasping and sweating on her return from the shower.
*At least when she makes me come I don't fell like this all the time.*

     When Mistress Carol returned, Julie found herself squirming and
thrusting her hips against the toy in an attempt to gain release before her
tormentor left.  "Good girl," Mistress Carol purred as Julie convulsed in
orgasm.  For many sessions this went on.  Julie silently struggled to come,
rewarded about half the time with success.  The came a long, frustrating
string of sessions that left her body aroused and aching.  She bucked her
hips, panted, and twisted, but Mistress Carol deftly removed the stimulus
before release came, over and over.  Julie's lips and clit grew constantly
swollen, and she could smell her juices even after her shower every day.

     Tied down to the bed with her legs open to reveal her dripping cunt,
Julie desperately rocked her hips against the buzzing point of pleasure
Mistress Carol held.  Her head was thrown back, and each movement of the
toy sent a wave of pleasure across her sweaty face.  She had no idea how
long this had been going on, but she knew she couldn't take much more.
"Please," she hissed through clenched teeth.

     Mistress Carol leaned forward.  "`Please' what, Julie?"

     "Please let me come, Mistress Carol, please."

     The woman pressed the vibrator's tip firmly against the girl's red,
sensitive clit and held it.  Julie screamed.  Her back arched up off the
bed, and her muscles clenched on and on as the orgasm consumed her body.
She was so limp afterwards that Samantha half-carried her to the shower.

     Being allowed to come had cleared Julie's mind somewhat.  She was
disgusted with herself for having begged her captor to pleasure her.  But
when Mistress Carol next arrived, the thrill that shot through Julie's
loins told her she would beg again if she had to.

     "We're moving into a much more interesting phase of your training as a
sex slave, Julie," Mistress Carol informed her when the camera was set up.
"I don't mind telling you I am pleased with your progress.  While I was
hoping you'd work out well as a good fundamentalist girl accustomed to
obedience, I really chose you solely to hurt your father."  She continued
with chilling casualness.  "I hope he feels violated knowing tapes of his
daughter begging for a lesbian's touch are making the rounds."  She began
teasing Julie's clit almost idly with the vibrator.  Julie did plead,
flushed with shame and lust, before being granted a shattering orgasm.
     Time was elusive.  By now, Julie had given up almost all hope of
rescue.  Samantha came to trim her hair, but Julie had no idea if her
captivity could be measured in weeks or months.  Never regular, her period
gave no clue.  Thoughts of rescue unsettled her now--she was no longer an
innocent victim, she felt, and she shied away from the idea of facing her
family and friends after the release of those videos.  It was as if
admitting out loud that she craved the orgasms Mistress Carol provided had
opened a floodgate that Julie could not close.  She had eaten the apple of
knowledge and been expelled forever from the garden of chastity.  Each
session, she begged more shamelessly.  Sometimes Mistress Carol would allow
her to come, sometimes not.  *Oh god, every one who sees these films will
know how awful and perverted I am,* she though even as her body sang under
Mistress Carol's ministrations.

     Julie felt her crotch grow damp and heavy at the sound of the door
opening for today's session.  She had long since stopped struggling as
Samantha buckled her down.  Today Samantha pushed a pillow under the bound
girl's hips, tilting her pelvis up.  Camera rolling, Mistress Carol turned
to Julie.  "I have a wonderful surprise for you, sweetie.  I think it'll be
so hot your father will watch it over and over so he can jerk off to it.  I
know the journalists we're sending tapes to will."

     Mistress Carol unzipped the fly of her customary black pants with
menacing slowness, allowing the horrified girl a good look at the large
black silicone cock projecting from the woman's pelvis.  "Don't think I
don't know you've been consoling yourself with the thought that you're
still a technical virgin."  Julie started, for it seemed uncannily as if
Mistress Carol had read her mind as she lay alone in her cell clutching at

     Mistress Carol continued.  "I could tell by the way you responded when
I first acquired you that you had been too much of a nice girl to touch
yourself.  Nothing's ever been inside that tight little cunt of yours, has
it?  Too inhibited even to use a tampon, I bet.  Well, that's all going to

      Julie couldn't help staring with sick fascination at Mistress Carol's
cock.  To the frightened girl it seemed enormous, the idea of it inside her
painfully ludicrous.  Mistress Carol's pants obscured most of the leather
harness that attached the dildo, making it seem an extension of her body.

      Julie whimpered a little, and Mistress Carol quickly said "Oh, don't
worry, Julie.  I won't put it inside you until you're good and ready.  In
fact, your technical virginity is perfectly safe unless you beg me to fuck
you."  She smiled nastily.  "It's just that I'm not going to let you come
until you do beg me to fuck your virgin cunt with my big cock.  But you
should be perfectly safe.  After all, a chaste Christian girl like you
wouldn't want a dyke to make her come."

     Mistress Carol switched on the familiar vibrator at low speed.
Julie's hips wouldn't stay still as it swirled abound her already slick
lips.  Hands stroked her inner thighs, her pubic hair ever so lightly.
Julie pressed her hips towards the teasing buzz.  She bit her lip.  *Never!
I won't beg her to violate me with that--thing.* Her clit grew hot and
throbbed with the pulse in her ears.  It felt three times its normal size.
The vibrator paused a moment at the tip of the engorged nub, and Julie felt
her body coiling to spring into ecstatic orgasm.  Abruptly, the toy was
removed.  Julie heard a moan and knew she had made the despairing noise.

     "Think about how good it would feel to come," purred a voice in her
ear.  "Imagine the cock sliding into your wet cunt, filling you, stretching
your clit.  Feel your muscles clasping it as you come" The vibrator started
again, slowly, teasing the edges of her opening.  Julie gasped and gulped
for air.  Her sweat-covered body trembled.  She knew what it wanted.  *No
no no.  I won't,* she chanted silently.  Her fists clenched as she
approached the brink once again, only to have it denied, the stimulus

     "You can end it.  You can have it.  But you have to ask," Mistress
Carol told her, tenderly brushing a strand of hair off the girl's damp
forehead.  She ran the vibrator over Julie's swollen labia, sending
delicious indirect vibrations to the girl's clit.

     A whimper arose in the back of Julie's throat.  *I've got to come.  I
can't take much more of this, and she won't stop until I do.  But I can't
beg her to put _that_ inside me.  I have to come some other way.* The
captive girl strained against the straps that held her, trying to press her
clit firmly against the toy.  Mistress Carol adroitly kept it just out of
reach of her bucking and thrusting.  Again she brought Julie just to the
edge of release and abandoned her there.  Julie's thighs were slick with
her own juices, which also ran down her ass crack to the pillow beneath her
hips.  She jumped when Mistress Carol blew sharply across her enormously
swollen clit.

     Mistress Carol climbed onto the bed and knelt between the helpless
girl's legs.  *Maybe I won't have to beg.  Maybe she'll give it to me
anyway--no, what am I thinking?  I don't want her to stick that in me.  I
don't!* Julie's thoughts were clouded by lust.  Leaning forward, Mistress
Carol tweaked Julie's nipples, pleased with the sounds this elicited.
Slowly, she rubbed the head of the strapon between Julie's drenched pussy
lips.  The cock circled and played with the girl's opening, then slid
carefully up the underside of the clit.  Mistress Carol sat back so the
girl could watch as she stroked Julie's juices down over the shaft of the
instrument they both knew would take her virginity.

     Using the vibrator, Julie's tormentor brought her nearly to ecstasy
several more times.  Julie had no idea how long this had lasted.  It began
to seem to her that she had always been like this, that she had never known
more than struggling against the straps that held her back from elusive
release.  The fire in her pelvis drove her wild.  Her desperate moans
filled her ears as the scent of her arousal filled her nose.  It was no
good resisting.

     "Please," she groaned.

     "`Please' what, Julie?" asked Mistress Carol innocently, rolling
Julie's clit between her thumb and forefinger.

     "Please let me come, Mistress Carol"

     "No.  You'll have to do better than that."

      "Please f-fuck me with your cock," Julie pleaded.

     "Oh, you'd like that, would you?  But what about the Bible?  Letting
me fuck your brains out is an abomination, you know.  Tell me you're a
lesbian slut that doesn't care if she's an abomination in the eyes of God.
Tell the camera so your father and everyone will know."

     "I'm a lesbian slut, and I need you to fuck me even if it is a sin
against God," Julie sobbed.  "Please, I've got to come."

     "Good girl.  I knew you'd make a good slave."

     Julie closed her tear-streaked eyes.  "No!  I want your eyes open for
this."  Mistress Carol circled Julie's painfully aroused clit with the head
of her cock, then placed it over the wet, eager opening.  Leaning over her
prisoner, she transfixed the girl with one slow, steady thrust.

     "Ah!"  Julie cried out at the unfamiliar but wonderful sensations.
The wave of pleasure she felt as her muscles stretched to accept the
intrusion was indescribable.  Something tore inside, but the pain was
nothing compared to the exquisite sensations the dildo evoked.  The feeling
of fullness was unexpectedly satisfying.  As Mistress Carol continued her
slow stroke, impaling the girl on her cock up to the base, her pelvis and
the leather harness brought delicious pressure to bear on Julie's clit.

     Julie moaned incoherently in protest when Mistress Carol moved to
withdraw.  Her muscles clasped desolately on emptiness.  But Mistress Carol
slid the cock home again, faster this time.  "Ooooh yesyesyesyes."  Julie
no longer had any control of her body or the words that poured out of her
mouth.  She wasn't even aware of Samantha avidly filming, moving to get
good angles and zooming in for close-ups of Julie's rapt face, of her
dripping cunt stuffed with fake cock.

     Suddenly, Julie exploded.  Her entire body went taut for endless
moments, then convulsed on and on.  Julie's cunt clenched hard around
Mistress Carol's cock.  The orgasm held her for so long she though she
might die.  Instead, it released her to collapse into an exhausted faint.

     As she lay there, Julie could hear Mistress Carol and Samantha talking
as if from a long way away.  "She's mine now," Mistress Carol was saying.
"After you are done cleaning up you will come take care of me."

     "Yes, Mistress."  Samantha's voice was eager.

     Julie could feel her juices cooling on her thighs and her exposed
cunt.  Samantha took her for her shower, and her whole body was sore,
especially her cunt.  Nevertheless, the thought of Mistress Carol's cock
inside her provoked a new trickle of wetness between Julie's legs.
     No one came for Julie's session the next day.  Her meals arrived as
usual, but no one came the next day either.  Julie's body felt torpid and
swollen.  She realized that after so long with almost daily orgasms her
body expected them, needed them like an addict.  By the end of the fourth
day, her nipples were so sensitive the friction of them inside her bra
every time she breathed deeply or moved sent a thrill straight to her
groin.  Unable to resist any longer, Julie lay back on her bed, rucking her
skirt up around her waist and removing her panties.  She spread her pussy
lips and touched herself for the first time, flicking her fingers over her

     The door opened.  Mistress Carol walked in, surveying Julie's guilty
face and the hand on her pussy with a disapproving glare.  "You will never
touch yourself except at my command, slave, or you will never come again."

     Julie quickly removed her hand and tried to rearrange her skirt.

     "No, wait."  Mistress Carol's command arrested her.  "Leave your cunt
exposed."  She gestured to Samantha, who had followed her in, to bring the
camera and equipment closer.  Mistress Carol herself buckled Julie's arms
to the bed but left her ankles free this time.  She unbuttoned Julie's
blouse and pulled her small breasts out over her bra.  "Yes, now you look
like the slut you are.  Touching yourself--I can see you think you need to
come now.  Just wait.  You don't know the meaning of need.  Still, it is
gratifying to see you progressing so nicely.  I believe you'll provide fine
entertainment for my dinner party tomorrow night."

     Mistress Carol turned to the toy box and removed an unfamiliar object.
"This is your new trainer."  The "trainer" was black like all of Mistress
Carol's tools.  Even without knowing its function, Julie found it at least
as intimidating as the big strapon.  This new device had a bulbous main
shaft slightly smaller than the strapon's.  The base of the shaft flared
out, and a small insulated wire protruded from it.  Curving up at an acute
angle from the main shaft was a smaller attachment with a y-shaped tip.
Mistress Carol removed a small remote control from the box.  She placed the
rounded tip of the toy's main shaft at the still-moist entrance of Julie's
cunt.  Unceremoniously, she pushed it in up to the flanged base, ignoring
the girl's gasp of shock and pleasure.  The small y-shaped arm of the toy
came to rest cupping Julie's clit in the fork of the y.  Mistress Carol
directed Samantha to set the camera on a stand, and the girl came to watch
over her shoulder as she operated the remote control.

     Julie lay helpless, the trainer protruding from her cunt.  The
fullness of it inside was pleasant, but no actively pleasurable.  "This
dial controls the vibration," Mistress Carol explained to Samantha.  Julie
cried out as the device began to vibrate both inside her cunt and against
her clit.  The vibrations slowed, then stopped at the turn of the dial.
"And *this* one controls the pulse," the black-clad woman continued.
Incredibly, Julie felt the shaft inside her swell, pressing against her
vaginal walls, then subside.  The pulsating shaft got up a slow rhythm,
sending waves of pleasure through her body.  Shutting off the movement,
Mistress Carol handed the controls to Samantha.  "As part of Samantha's
training, she will be in charge of making sure you are properly prepared
for tomorrow night."  She turned to Samantha.  "*Don't* let the little slut

     "Yes, mistress."

     Mistress Carol swept out of the room.  Samantha sat down on the edge
of Julie's bed.  Her eyes shone excitedly as she examined Julie's
restrained form.  Carefully, she turned up the toy's vibrations.  Julie
stiffened as if electrified.  Adding the throbbing of the shaft elicited
moans.  Julie's legs were unbound; she squeezed her thighs together in a
futile attempt to remove or increase the stimulus--she didn't know which.

     Samantha found she could play Julie's body like an instrument.  She
discovered which combination of settings would extract a little scream,
which brought the other girl dangerously close to orgasm, which would make
Julie bend her legs and rock her hips uselessly up at the air.  Julie was
completely vulnerable.  With her breasts spilling out of her bra and her
skirt pushed up, she felt somehow dirtier and more exposed than she would
have had she been naked in front of the fully-clothed Samantha.

     Julie pleaded, sobbed, cajoled, demanded until her voice was hoarse,
but Samantha allowed no release from the torment spreading out from her
loins.  Brief respite came whenever Samantha paused to change batteries or
feed Julie and give a bathroom break or when Julie passed out into
exhausted sleep filled with dreams of frustration.

     By the time Samantha gave her a shower and dressed her in her usual
demure white underthings, blouse, and ankle-length skirt, Julie's need to
come was excruciating and all-consuming.  Even after the trainer was
removed, she was sensitive all over, and her cotton panties were soaked in

     Distracted by the brush of her thighs against her swollen genitals,
Julie didn't notice she was being walked to an unfamiliar room until they
arrived in an opulent dining room full of a dozen strangers.  Samantha
turned Julie over to Mistress Carol and sat down on a velvet settee.  Julie
blinked at her captor's guests.  They were elegantly dressed.  At first
Julie thought the group contained both men and women, but a second look
told her everyone in the room was female.

     "This is my new diversion."  Mistress Carol announced.  "Julie Weston,
daughter of that sanctimonious gasbag Chris Weston.  She will provide the
after-dinner entertainment.  I have arranged for it to be filmed for her
father's benefit, but all of your faces will of course be blurred in
post-production, my friends.  I'll pass her around, and you can decide what
we should do with her.  Don't worry, she's plenty slutty enough for all of
us.  I can smell her from here."  She kissed Julie roughly, then shoved her
staggering out into the room.

     Hands pawed at Julie's breasts and ass.  "Oooh, she's a sweet young
one."  "Look at those legs."

     Suddenly, Julie was jerked down into the lap of a pretty brunette in a
masculine designer suit.  She moaned to feel an unexpected bulge pressing
on her swollen labia.  "Oh, you like my cock, baby" the woman asked to
appreciative laughter.  "I'll bet you do."  Piece by piece, the woman
undressed Julie, flinging the removed items out into the hands of the
small, hooting crowd.  A woman in a black beaded dress reached out to pinch
one of Julie's shell-pink nipples.  It shrank to a hard button, and another
woman bent, taking it in her mouth.  Julie's head dropped back as the woman
sucked and licked her nipple.  An erotic connection seemed to send each
stroke and nibble shooting to her clit.

     "She's a good, responsive slave," one of the guests complimented
Mistress Carol.

     "Thank you.  She's not for sale, but other arrangements might be
made."  Mistress Carol cruelly twisted Julie's other nipple, enjoying the
girl's cry of arousal and pain.

     The woman on whose lap Julie was sitting stood up, dumping the naked
girl to the floor.  Mistress Carol leaned over her.  "You will do what my
guests want or you'll spend weeks with the trainer unable to come until
your mind cracks," she threatened in a low voice.

     *Weeks!* Julie's body demanded release now.  "Yes, Mistress Carol."

     The brunette in the suit unzipped her fly, freeing a cherry red dildo.
Grabbing the back of Julie's head by the hair, she pulled the girl to a
kneeling position.  "Suck it," she demanded.  "Suck my cock."  Reluctantly,
Julie opened her mouth for the dildo.  It tasted of musk with an undertone
of plastic.  Julie almost choked when the woman thrust her hips forward.
Mindful of Mistress Carol's threat, Julie tried to concentrate on pleasing
the woman she knelt before.  The grip on her hair guided her head up and
down the glistening shaft.  Julie wasn't sure what to do; she'd never
sucked a dick, silicone or otherwise.  She alternated licking and sucking,
getting a pleased response, while an experimental nibble earned her a
painful hairpulling.  With her face so close, the warm aroma from the
woman's cunt engulfed Julie.  She found that stroking the base of the shaft
with her hand helped prevent her from gagging as the cock slid in.  It also
seemed to please the woman by increasing the contact between her clit and
the base of the strapon with each stroke.

     "Mmmm, that's enough for now, little slut."  The woman pulled Julie
away but did not zip up her fly.  Her cheeks were flushed, but Julie was
fairly certain she had not come.
     "Anyone else want to try out our lovely blowjob queen?"  Mistress
Carol asked the room at large.  Several of the women had already donned or
unloosed dildos and had been stroking them as they watched.

     One by one, Julie orally serviced all of the women in the room except
Samantha and Mistress Carol.  Her knees and neck ached.  The variety of the
strapons was bewildering.  Some were smooth, brightly coloured, and
stylised with unnatural bulges.  Others were veiny and realistic.  One was
short but so thick it made her jaws hurt.  All of the women seemed pleased
with her ministrations.  Several came loudly, and Julie's cunt twitched

     A slender blonde with short hair and a cobalt blue cock sticking out
beneath her black dress pulled Julie to her feet.  "Let's have some real
fun," she proposed.  Folding Julie facedown over a low table, she kicked
the girl's feet apart until she was bent at right angles with her legs
spread.  The nubby linen tablecloth brushed Julie's nipples with each
breath.  "I'm gonna fuck you from behind like the bitch you are," the
blonde growled.  Without warning, she thrust violently into Julie's
drenched cunt until her hips slapped the girl's ass.  The motion press
Julie's clit against the rounded edge of the table, and the angle served to
bring the cock right against the girl's engorged g-spot.  An animal groan
escaped Julie's lips as the woman pulled out and slammed in again to the
hilt.  Relentlessly, the blonde stroked in and out.  Finally, Julie was
wracked by a screaming orgasm that caused tears to run down her face.  The
relief was incredible, but the woman fucking her didn't even pause in her
rhythm until she, too, shuddered in release.  After the woman withdrew,
Julie lay gasping, unable to move.

     "My turn," said the woman with the cherry red cock, and Julie realised
with horror that every one of the women whose dildos she had sucked
intended to fuck her with them.  The red cock pistoned into her repeatedly,
and Julie was surprised to feel a renewed arousal.  She came almost
simultaneously with the woman inside her.  Julie's body was young and had
been primed by almost 24 hours of sustained stimulus.  She lost track of
the times she came as Mistress Carol's guests mounted her and used her.
Eventually, all the women had slaked their desire.  Julie lay still, sweat
cooling on her skin and wetness running down her thighs.  Her breath

     Mistress Carol's touch on the small of her back was like a hot iron.
"Your work isn't over yet tonight, slave."

     Julie whimpered.  "Please, Mistress Carol, I can't take any more."

     "Yesterday you were begging to come.  You said you'd do anything.
Well, that includes opening your legs for me.  Unless. . ."  She paused
ominously.  "You'd rather go a week attached to the trainer as we

     Panic rose in Julie's chest.  As exhausted as she was, the thought of
a week suspended at the brink of orgasm horrified her.  "No, Mistress," she
babbled.  "Please fuck me, do whatever you want, please."

     "Good girl."

     Julie felt the pressure of Mistress Carol's black strapon against her
tender, swollen opening.  Her skin felt so sensitive now the rough texture
of the tablecloth was torture.  Putting her hands on the girl's slender
hips, Mistress Carol pushed into Julie with the same instrument that had
taken her virginity only a week before.  "Oooh," Julie cried as her abused
flesh stretched to receive it.  Mistress Carol pumped in and out slowly,
taking her pleasure at a leisurely pace.  Arousal coiled within Julie, and
her hips pushed back towards the cock, making her ass wiggle attractively.
Using widely spaced, deep, strong thrusts, Mistress Carol smiled at the
soul-deep moans her victim gave, all inhibitions long since drowned.
Timing it carefully, Mistress Carol spasmed in release just as Julie, too,
crested hoarsely.  The girl collapsed under her.  Mistress Carol disengaged
herself, panting, and called Samantha over to deal with the unconscious
girl.  "Well, ladies, I trust you are as satisfied as I with tonight's
     When Julie woke in her cell she stared hopelessly at the ceiling.  She
stank of sex.  Every ache and twinge in her body reminded her of some
wanton act of the night before: how she had arched her back, how she had
eagerly thrust her pelvis towards a strapon wielded by an unknown woman,
how her hyperaroused body had risen to orgasm more times than she could
count.  Briefly, she considered praying, but she was pretty sure God didn't
heed the prayers of lesbian sluts.  Her father had always been clear on
that point.  Instead she lay trying to forget and to deny the sick
knowledge that she would do it all again if Mistress Carol aroused her.

     Samantha came in after Julie ate her meal and took her to shower and
dress.  Mistress Carol was in the cell with the camera when they returned.
"Well, Julie, I have something for you.  Oh, it's not a new toy.  Just the
opposite, really.  You see, with a slut like you the more sex you get the
more you need.  And you've already shown that you can't be trusted to keep
your fingers out of your pussy.  I don't want any unauthorized orgasms.
It's bad for discipline.  This should solve the problem."

     She held up what appeared to be a curiously rigid pair of black
underpants.  "Don't you recognise it?" she asked at the girl's puzzled
look.  "It was invented by Christian men to control the slutty tendencies
of their daughters, so it's perfect for you.  It's a chastity belt."

     Samantha held Julie's arms as Mistress Carol removed the girl's
panties and locked the smooth plastic chastity belt in place with a key.
"The belt has an opening over the anus and a tube for urine, so there will
be no need to remove it until I decide you are ready," Mistress Carol told
Julie.  "You will find it quite impossible to induce orgasm while wearing
it, so I invite you to try."  Mistress Carol left, followed by Samantha
with the camera.

     For a while, Julie did not much mind the seamless expanse of plastic
covering her crotch.  Her body was still recovering from the ravages of
being gang-banged, however eagerly, by Mistress Carol's guests.  After
several days (reckoned as always by meal deliveries), though, Julie became
conscious of arousal and a dull ache steadily growing between her legs.
She wakened from sleep to find herself clawing and scrabbling at the
rounded edges of the belt.  An attempt to break the lock off against the
wall resulted only in a bruised hip, and tweaking her nipples added fuel to
the fire without allowing her to come.  Samantha took her for a shower,
briefly unlocking the belt, but supervised her closely.  A week or so more
passed before Mistress Carol reappeared.

     With Julie's wrists cuffed to the bed, Mistress Carol removed the
chastity belt.  "Please," Julie began as Mistress Carol turned to the toy
box, but the words strangled off when she saw what Mistress Carol withdrew.
The trainer.

     Mistress Carol brandished the combination vibrator and pulsing dildo
in front of Julie.  "I see you haven't forgotten my little friend.  Good."
Turning to Samantha, she said "I will spell you from time to time.  I want
this training session to be more--thorough--than the last one."

     *Thorough?* Julie thought.  The last session had held her desperately
suspended near climax for a full day.  Then all thought was extinguished as
Mistress Carol slid the trainer snugly into Julie's hungry cunt.

     Mistress Carol handed the remote control to her assistant and left.
Samantha leaned in towards Julie.  "By now you know why I do anything my
mistress desires, don't you?" she asked, not waiting for a reply before
turning on vibrations that set the bound girl writhing.  The buzz of the
toy and Julie's laboured breathing filled the room.  Julie's clit, cradled
in the fork of the vibrator, felt the sized of her thumb.  Samantha smiled
cruelly and turned on a slow pulse, swelling the shaft inside Julie's slick

     Julie's head thrashed from side to side.  She started a steady stream
of incoherent pleas.  "Oh god, please. . . ooooh. . . nononono. . . let
me. . . no, please. . .  yesyes I need. . . ah, mercy. . . anything,
anything you want. . . don't. . ."

     As before, Samantha manipulated Julie expertly and refused to grant
her orgasm.  The only relief was provided by brief breaks for food and
toilet use and by the intervals in which Julie fainted into a sort of
sleep.  A near-trance of need enveloped Julie.  Mistress Carol took over
the controls in alternation with Samantha, but Julie's entire being was
focused on the sexual stimulation coursing through her body.  Unable to
judge time when each second seemed an agonising century, Julie nonetheless
knew this session lasted longer than her last had--two, five times as long?
No way to tell.  At some point, Mistress Carol had gagged her.  "I love it
when you beg, but I'm saving your voice for later.  Can't have you getting
hoarse when I want to show you off."  On and on Julie's frustration grew.
Finally, she passed out again, and when she awoke the trainer was
quiescent, although still securely inside her.

     Mistress Carol directed Samantha in washing and dressing Julie.
Samantha pulled Julie's innocent white cotton panties up over the black
trainer, then dressed her in a white bra, pink blouse, long khaki skirt,
and brown mary janes.  They each took an arm and led Julie out of the cell.
Every step jostled the toy in Julie' cunt.  A short flight of stairs left
her gasping and clinging to their arms for support.  Mistress Carol opened
an ornate door, and Samantha hustled Julie through it.

     They emerged in a room crowded with about fifty women.  Julie averted
her eyes as she recognised some of the women who had used her at Mistress
Carol's dinner party.  A raised stage occupied the front of the room.
Samantha escorted Julie up onto the right edge of it and shackled her into
a chair.  "To keep you out of trouble," she murmured, with a significant
glance at Julie's lap.  About ten other girls Julie's age were restrained
in similar chairs nearby.

     "All right," Mistress Carol announced from the centre of the stage.
"We are ready to begin the auction."  Julie watched in sheer amazement as a
girl with long, dark hair whom Mistress Carol described as a "fully trained
masochistic submissive" was stripped and prodded by various bidders before
being sold for an astronomical sum.  The woman who bought her snapped a
collar on her and led her back to her seat, where the girl knelt obediently
beside her.  Next came a delicate blonde "trained with my pleasure-only
method."  Mistress Carol fondled the girl's pussy until she begged
heartwrenchingly to be allowed to come, then withdrew her hand and started
the bidding.  A lean, androgynous woman bid highest.

     "Now," Mistress Carol continued "I have several newly-acquired girls.
Many of them are virgins, and all are untrained.  You can break and mould
them as you like."  Samantha marched forward a girl who was sobbing in
Spanish.  Bidding was heated, but apparently an untrained girl, even a
virgin, was worth only half what a trained slave would fetch.  The other
girls were sold one by one until only Julie and two others remained on
stage.  Julie began to fret that she, too, would be sold.  Mistress Carol
was fiendish, but at least she was a known quantity and never inflicted
pain on Julie.  At the dinner party, Mistress Carol had said she was not
for sale, but what if she had changed her mind?  *Why else would she have
me here?*

     "I promised a live show," said Mistress Carol, "and I'd like to
provide it before we continue with the auction."  Samantha unshackled one
of the two girls remaining by Julie, displaying her to the audience.  She
was an attractive Asian girl, and she struggled in Samantha's grip.  "This
is Marie.  A virgin, kidnapped only yesterday.  To start the entertainment,
I'll take bids on who would like to take her right here on the stage and
take her home later."

     A flurry of bids ensued, with a tan, athletic blonde emerging on top.
Disappearing behind the stage, the blonde soon swaggered back in with a
bulge in her pants that drew Julie's eyes.  Released by Samantha, Marie
shrank back, but the blonde caught her and tore open her shirt.  The crown
whooped and whistled.  Marie's fists flailed wildly.  The woman easily
overpowered her, bearing her to the floor.  Soon the girl's pants were
yanked off, too.  The blond licked her lips and contemplated the girl in
just her underwear for a moment.

     "No, please no."  Tears ran down Marie's face.

     "Yeess," purred the blonde, ripping off the girl's underpants to
reveal a pink pussy surrounded by sparse hair.  Julie had a good view, not
ten feet away, but the action was visible throughout the room.  The cheers
continued, and several women had their hands between their legs.  The
blonde unzipped her fly, allowing a realistic veiny cock to spring out.
She pinned Marie's arms above her head and brutally plunged into the girl's
virgin cunt.  Marie shrieked.

     Julie stared, sickly fascinated.  She was repulsed by the violence;
yet every time the dildo sank into the girl's unwilling flesh she imagined
how good it would feel sliding into her own fevered cunt.  She could feel
wetness seeping out around the trainer that plugged her opening, soaking
cotton panties.  The blonde increased her tempo to a triumphant orgasm.
She dragged a shuddering Marie offstage.

     Mistress Carol joined the applause, then stepped to the centre of the
stage again.  "The next slave is not for sale but for rent, due to her
uniqueness.  Trained by the pleasure-only method.  She will now provide the
second part of our show."  Samantha unfastened Julie, bringing her forward.
"This is Julie Weston, only daughter of that bigoted gasbag Chris Weston.
Anyone renting her needs to tape everything they use her for; her daddy
gets a copy."  She gestured towards a now-recording camera trained on the

     Mistress Carol turned to Julie.  "You little slut, I saw you watching
that virgin get deflowered like a kid at a candy store window.  Strip.

     Julie's hands shook as she unbuttoned her blouse to catcalls.  Her bra
soon followed, then her shoes and skirt.  She reached for her panties but
stopped at a word from Mistress Carol.  Slowly, Mistress Carol peeled off
Julie's white panties to reveal the trainer protruding obscenely from her
labia.  Samantha brought a stool and directed Julie to sit on it with her
legs spread to the audience.  Julie's face flamed.  "Julie, explain what
this training device does," Mistress Carol directed.



     "Sorry, Mistress Carol.  It vibrates on my c-clit-nnngh."  Julie broke
off as the device did just that, then returned to dormancy.


     "And it--gets bigger, throbs inside me."  Even prepared, Julie almost
fell off the stool as the trainer swelled rhythmically in her cunt.

     Mistress Carol continued her catechism.  "And how long since I have
allowed you to come?"

     "Oh, days, weeks, Mistress, please!"

     Abruptly, Mistress Carol yanked the trainer from Julie's cunt, causing
it to clench around nothingness.  "I will let you come on my conditions."

     "Anything Mistress, please."

     "You will rape our final kidnapped virgin, Laura, until you come."

     Julie was horrified.  Not just because of the idea but because even as
she protested she knew she would do it, would do anything to come.  She
could not face the trainer again.  She looked over at Laura.  The slight
brunette was still shackled to her chair.  Her lips moved as if she were
praying.  *It won't do her any good,* Julie thought.  Samantha brought
Julie a thick strapon in a leather harness, buckling it firmly to her
pelvis.  The base rested right over Julie's tumescent clit.

     Samantha dragged the terrified virgin over and released her.  Julie
seized her by the arms, desperation lending strength.  The girl struggled
against her grasp, but Julie outweighed her.  She tripped Laura, knocking
the wind out of her.  One of the girl's hands caught Julie painfully across
the face, but she soon pinned her sobbing victim down and stripped her.

     Julie used her knees to pry the girl's thighs apart.  Mercilessly, she
rammed the thick silicone cock into the girl's tightly clenched opening.
Laura's scream did not quite drown out Julie's grunt of pleasure as the
friction of Laura's unwilling cunt pressed the base of the cock hard
against Julie's clit.  Each of Laura's protesting squirms sent delicious
thrills through her rapist.  Withdrawing, Julie stabbed the cock in again
with a moan.  She sought orgasm blindly, violating the girl underneath her
again and again until release ran her over like a freight train.

     When Julie was once again aware of her surroundings, Laura was pushing
vainly on her chest trying to remove Julie and the unwelcome intrusion of
the strapon.  Julie hastily got up, not meeting the girl's eyes.  Samantha
unbuckled the harness and left Julie naked as Mistress Carol auctioned a
two-day "rental" of Julie.
     A rounded redhead named Joanne won Julie at auction.  She blindfolded
Julie and led her from the room as Mistress Carol opening the bidding on
Laura.  They rode briefly in a car, then entered a building.  When Joanne
remove the blindfold, Julie found herself in a room with a daybed and racks
upon racks of household objects: a tennis racket, a pipe, a crucifix, a
broom, and hundreds of other phallic objects.

     "I'm sure you understand the importance of obeying me as if I were
Mistress Carol."  Joanne said.

      "Yes, ma'am."

     "Good."  Joanne busied herself setting up a video camera.  Julie sat
on the daybed.  After such a long session with the trainer one orgasm was
insufficient, and her arousal was again becoming distracting.

     "For once you will be allowed to touch yourself," Joanne told her.  "I
like to watch girls fuck themselves with all sorts of things.  *But,* you
must not come without permission or the consequences will be severe."
Joanne motioned Julie to lie back on the daybed and drew herself up a
chair.  "Start with this."  She handed Julie an empty Coke bottle.  Bending
her knees, Julie put the mouth of the bottle in her cunt and stroked it
inside.  The width of the bottle stretched her opening pleasantly.  At
first the glass was cold, but it quickly warmed to her body.  Joanne
watched avidly as the smooth glass became slippery with Julie's juices.
The bottle felt good, but it was too wide to go deep enough inside her to
fill the void.  Julie's labia and clit began to swell, and she rocked her
hips as she stroked faster.  When she reached down to milk her clit with
her other hand, breathing hard, Joanne knocked her fingers away.  "You're
not even close to having permission to come, slut."

     After watching Julie's need grow for several minutes, Joanne pulled
the bottle out of the girl's cunt with a pop.  Wordlessly, she handed Julie
a large cucumber.  Julie grasped it eagerly and plunged it into her cunt.
"Aahh."  The vegetable was firm and smooth, providing both length and
girth.  Each inward motion tugged at Julie's clit, and she knew she could
make herself come.  She fervently wanted to.  Julie pushed the vegetable in
so deep she felt it might come out her open throat.  "Please, please," she
panted to Joanne, who was fingering her own clit as she watched Julie
predatorily.  Just as Julie reached the point where she knew she must come
regardless of the consequences, Joanne stood and wrenched the cucumber out
of the girl's quivering cunt.  "Noo," Julie sobbed.

     The redhead took a bite out of the cucumber, swirled it around Julie's
pussy to collect more juices, took another bite.  "Mmm, slut sauce."  She
slowly ate most of the cucumber, teasing Julie by circling it around her
clit or dipping it delicately in her cunt between bites.

     Still nibbling, the woman wandered around the room considering
objects.  In turn, she fondled a curling iron, a flashlight, and a mop
before selecting a wooden hairbrush.  Joanne tossed the brush to Julie, who
needed no encouragement to sink the polished lobe-shaped handle into her
dripping cunt.  The bristles prickled Julie's pussy at the end of each
stroke, but her need to come overrode the discomfort.  Low moans
accompanied each of the girl's frantic thrusts.  The rounded shape of the
polished wood altered the rhythm as the wide part slid slowly past her
stretched muscles and the tapered part shot in quickly, jamming the handle
against her sensitive g-spot.  Julie was disappointed but not surprised
when the brush was confiscated before she could come.

     Next Joanne proffered a pool cue.  Julie's hands trembled too much to
guide the fat end of the unwieldy cue into herself.  Joanne held it instead
as the girl rode back and forth like a carousel horse on the textured
wooden grip.  Julie's fists bunched the damp sheets.  She couldn't take
much more of this. . . .  When she was within a breath of release, Joanne
pulled the cue away.  The emptiness was unbearable.  "Pleasepleaseplease,
oh let me come.  I need it.  I need it."  Every cell in Julie's body cried
out in naked hunger.

     "Since you want it so much, I'll let you come.  If you fuck yourself
with this."  Joanne held a nine-millimetre semiautomatic handgun up before
the eyes of her rented slave.

     Julie hesitated only for an instant--*What if it's loaded?*-- before
reaching for the gun.  She had never held one before and found it
surprisingly heavy.  The gun frightened her, but somehow fear mixed with
arousal to make her heart race and her clit throb.  The large oval barrel
of the gun was chilly as it penetrated her ravenous cunt.  Joanne smiled
wickedly as Julie fucked herself with the weapon.  Faster and harder until
her clit smeared on the trigger guard with every stroke.  "Oh, oh, oh!"

     "You may come," Joanne told her gently.

     "Ooooohh!"  Julie's body went rigid with ecstasy.  Her hands clutched
the grip of the gun sticking up between her thighs as waves of pleasure
radiated throughout her body.  When Julie subsided limply, Joanne reached
over and pumped the weapon's barrel in and out of her cunt until the
trembling girl was driven to another, even more intense orgasm.
     Joanne was quite satisfied she had gotten her money's work when she
returned Julie and the newly-recorded tapes to Mistress Carol at the
appointed time.  Mistress Carol locked Julie back into the chastity belt
and left her in her cell to recuperate for several days.  Julie did her
best not to think about anything, especially not her own arousal as she
took pleasure from a struggling virgin.  She welcomed the return of
Mistress Carol and her assistant.

     Samantha and Mistress Carol escorted Julie to a wood-panelled study.
A vibrant oriental carpet cushioned the floor, and an ornate carved
fireplace lay dormant on one wall.  Mistress Carol pulled a heavy wing
armchair from behind the walnut desk and positioned it in the middle of the
room.  Her assistant set up the audiovisual equipment in a corner.  To
Julie's astonishment, Mistress Carol removed her own clothing; underneath,
her lithe body was clothed only in a black satin bra and matching panties.
Mistress Carol sat down and beckoned Julie over to her.  To Julie, who had
never see Mistress Carol's body exposed, the sight of so much skin was
shocking and titillating.

     "Kneel," Mistress Carol ordered.  Julie dropped to her knees.  "Good
slut.  I have a new task for you, and if you do it well you might be
rewarded.  Would you like that?"

     "Yes, Mistress Carol," Julie replied, her clit throbbing.

     "Then you will lick me."  Mistress Carol spread her legs on either
side of the kneeling girl.  Julie reached for the black panties.  "No.  Use
your mouth."

     Gripping the garment in her teeth, Julie slowly worked it off.  The
heavy scent of Mistress Carol's anticipation filled the air.  Parting the
curly black public hair and swollen labia with her fingers, the girl leaned
forward and tentatively extended her tongue to the pink flesh.  The tangy
taste was unfamiliar but pleasant.

     Grabbing the back of Julie's head, Mistress Carol growled "Do a good
job and make me come, slave."  Julie tried to think what would feel good to
her.  She licked all around the clit, then a few strokes up the shaft.
Mistress Carol moaned appreciatively.  Encouraged, Julie experimented
further, taking the erect clit between her lips and sucking on it gently.
Sweat broke out on Mistress Carol's body, and the sounds she made excited
the girl between her legs.

     Julie's face was smeared with cunt juices as she sucked and licked
with abandon.  She plunged her tongue into Mistress Carol's slick opening a
few times but returned to the clit because it elicited the most urgent
noises.  Julie flicked her tongue rapidly on Mistress Carol's clit as the
woman pushed her face into her crotch.  Mistress Carol's hips rocked faster
and faster.  "Oh, yeesss!  Oohh!"  She came loudly, almost suffocating
Julie with the strength of her grip as she continued to grind herself into
the girl until the last spasms subsided.

     Breathing heavily, Mistress Carol sat back.  Julie wiped her face on
her sleeve.  Her own body was tautly aroused, but the chastity belt beneath
her skirt prevented her from doing anything about it.  Eventually, Mistress
Carol seemed to notice Julie still on her knees in front of her.  She stood
up and ordered both Julie and Samantha to strip naked.  When they had done
so, she unlocked Julie's chastity belt.

     "Lie down faceup on the carpet, Julie" Julie complied unquestioningly.
"Samantha, lick her pussy and let her come.  Obedience has its rewards,"
Mistress Carol noted as Samantha curled up on her knees, wrapping her arms
around Julie's thighs.

     Julie jerked at the moist heat of the other girl's mouth.  Melting
pleasure accompanied each stroke.  "Uuunngh."  She clawed at the rug.  So
rapt was she that she hardly noticed that Mistress Carol had donned her
strapon and was enthusiastically fucking the kneeling Samantha from behind.
Every time the dildo slammed home, Samantha's face ground wetly into
Julie's pussy.  Julie came hard, arching up off the floor.  Mistress Carol
moved her hand from Samantha's hip to milk the girl's clit and trigger
Samantha's release soon after.
     After a shower, Julie was returned to her cell with the chastity belt
back in place.  Several days went by, and she began to anticipate Mistress
Carol's next visit.  After a week, she began to fret.  *Have they forgotten
about me?* Relief flooded her at the sound of the door.  Mistress Carol and
Samantha entered, removed the chastity belt, and blindfolded her.  They
walked Julie to a car which drove for nearly half and hour.  Abruptly, the
blindfold was removed.  It was night, and the car was idling on a familiar
street near Valley College.

     Mistress Carol spoke.  "I've decided to let you go, Julie.  I think
I've already hurt and humiliated your father as much as I can with you.
Now I can hurt him more by returning you, as I suspect he is not a very
forgiving man for all his Christian piety.  Goodbye."  Samantha hustled the
stunned girl out of the car and tossed out her backpack before the car sped

     Julie stood transfixed by shock for a long time on the empty street.
*She let me go?  She doesn't want me anymore?  Now what?  I can't stay
here.* Julie picked up her backpack.  There was a public phone at a gas
station a few blocks away, she remembered.  As she walked, she was
conscious of the breeze and all the open space around her.  It was vaguely
unsettling to be outdoors for the first time in--how long had it been?  Her
body reminded her with a dull ache that she had not orgasmed in a week.
Julie quickened her pace on spotting the phone.

     She fished some coins out of her bag.  *I'll call Father and--* the
thought of facing her father after he had seen her begging to be fucked
with a strapon was unbearable.  *OK, then I'll call the police.  They'll
help me.* She reached to dial but stopped after the first nine at the image
of the abducted virgin she had raped on the auction stage.  Even now her
loins twinged at the memory.  *No, I can't call them.  What if they arrest
me for rape?  How about friends?  Is there someone else I could call?*
Julie felt dirty and daunted at the idea of explaining what had been done
to her, what she had done, what she still wanted to do.  Resuming her
previous life seemed ludicrous.

     Fingers trembling, she forced herself to dial her father's number.
"Hello?" a sleepy voice answered.

     "Daddy, it's me.  I've been released.  I--" Julie choked, slammed down
the phone, and fled, leaving her backpack behind.

     She ran raggedly back the way she had come.  *Please, please be
there.* Julie was afraid to hope, but, to her joy, the car had returned to
the spot where it had left her.  Skidding to a halt, she unleashed a flood
of words as the car door opened.  "Please, Mistress Carol.  Take me back.
I'm yours, I'll do whatever you want.  Just don't make me leave."

     "Get in."

     Julie got in.  Mistress Carol smirked.  "It seems it's true what they
say: that if something is truly yours it will come back to you after you
let it go.  I'm sure I can find a use for you.  Those tapes are top sellers
for my porno customers who don't care or don't know they aren't fiction."